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Thematic and chronological lessons according to level test.


For pronunciation development.


Writing development technology system.

Our training program was created by a Canadian group

Canada is such a vast country that elearning has become a priority in schools and businesses all across the country from east to west.

EnglishAZ teachers are all native speakers and are qualified language instructors from Canada, France, Spain, Italy, Russia, Netherlands, Germany, Portugal and Brazil.

They mostly come from recognized universities:

  • University of Toronto Faculty of Education (Toronto, Canadá)
  • AnneArundelCommunity College (Washington DC, USA)
  • The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education - OISE (Toronto, Canadá)
  • IEP Paris-Science Po (París, Francia)
  • King George International College (Vancouver, Canadá)

How EnglishAZ works?

Teachers are available for any questions

Compatible on all computers, phones and tablets including iPads and iPhones.

All in one place

Choose the language that would you like to learn.
6000 training pages 4700 multimedia files per language.
A series of lessons per level (beginner, elementary, intermediate and advanced).

A la carte

Training: development of accent and fluency.
Online teachers that you can contact all day by chat.
35 conversation vocabulary modules and 45 grammar modules.

At your own pace

eAccent©: accent perfection.
eDictation©: grammar and spelling development.
A complete report of your training, level test, objectives, progress tests, time spent on site, exit test, quality control.

All themes you need are on the site

The office, communication strategies, business travel, business emails, coaching, consultant to the business in different cultures, making a presentation, boost his career , work abroad, competition, technology, marketing, outsourcing, hobbies, networks appear (CV, cover letter and interview) ... and many others.

We have a turn key solution for you

Simplify your work and improve your communication and training with our powerful eLearning platform. We work with the following sectors: BtoC, BtoB, BtoI (institutional).



Customize your training with your logo, your colors and your communication. Create your platform according to your needs.


We offer support (Chat) 8AM to 7PM for all users.
Further our teams are available for all technical and pedagogical issues for your content development.

Extranet administrator

On the extranet you have the possibility to follow your users, measure time on site, see results, localise your users, measure strengths and weaknesses and all of this live.

Content and quizzes

Create your content and quizzes to establish what you need to evaluate.


Our solutions are compatible for all platforms (Windows Mac Iphone and Android).

Ease of use

Save time and energy in our user-friendly software so you are concentrating on your learning.


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